Entertainment VocabularyUsing English in Places of Entertainment

General entertainments vocabulary
theatre, cinema, art gallery, museum, park, concert, pub, bar, night club, wine bar

Sport and Games
walk, stroll, bike ride, ice skating, swimming, canoeing, shooting, playing golf, crazy golf, roller blading, skateboarding, (ten pin) bowling, lazer quest


nightclub, bar, bouncer, doorman, cloakroom, DJ, live music, band, dance floor

cinema, film, movie, popcorn, usher
comedy, musical, thriller, crime, murder mystery, horror, documentary, romantic comedy, western, animation, cartoon

cinema - entertainment vocabulary

theatre, usher, ticket office, box office programme
dress circle, stalls, balcony, boxes, row, seat, block
interval, performance

Museums and galleries
museum, art gallery, exhibition, exhibits, collection, photographs, audio-guide, guided tour
paintings, drawings, sketches, sculptures, artist
landscape, portrait, oil painting, watercolour, chalks
medieval, classical, renaissance, baroque, rococo, impressionist, realist, surrealist, modern art, postmodern art


Entertainments phrases you may want to use 

Arranging to go out

Shall we go out tonight?
What’s on at the cinema?
Is there anything good on?
I don’t want to go out drinking tonight
Let’s go for a walk / bike ride
Let’s go to the art gallery / museum
Let’s go ice skating / ten pin bowling
Do you want to go to the football?

English entertainment vocabulary - Ten Pin Bowling

At the cinema or theatre

I’d like two tickets for Casino Royale, please
This film has just been released
Do I need to book?
This play has been running for a while now
I’ve reserved two tickets for …
Where do I collect my tickets from?
Could I reserve two tickets, please
Is there a discount for students / pensioners / children?
I’d like to sit near the front/back/in the middle, please


At a nightclub

Where is the cloakroom?
There is a long queue to get in
There is a long queue at the bar
It’s really loud in here
It’s dead in here (slang – quiet)
The band is brilliant!
Do you want a drink?
Do you want to dance?


At the theatre

I’d like to buy a programme, please
Did you enjoy the performance?
Shall we head back to our seats?
I’ve reserved tickets online / over the phone

At an art gallery or museum

Is there an admission charge?
What time do you close?
Can I take photographs?
I’d like to take a guided tour
Where is the cloakroom?

General phrases you may see and hear at places of entertainment

Phrases you may hear

Have you reserved tickets?
Where would you like to sit?
Sorry, we are fully booked
Sorry, we have nothing left
You are seated in block E, row 10, seat 23
There will now be a 15 minute interval
Please take your seats for …
Would you like a programme?
Collect your tickets from the box office
Are you over eighteen?
Have you got any ID?
Can you leave your bags in the cloakroom, please


Phrases you may see

Keep off the grass
No photography
No flash photography
No video cameras
Free guided tours
Free admission
Box Office
Gift shop
Emergency exit

Entertainment vocabulary - crowd image

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