Why Learn English?

Why Should I Learn English?

Learning English can be useful for many reasons, including travel, business, leisure, to communicate more fully with family members and friends, or just for personal interest.

English is the world’s most widely distributed language, with nearly a third of all people speaking and understanding the English language across the globe today.


English: the International Language

English is the official language of 53 countries in the world and the most widely spoken second language.

It has become the most useful language to learn for international travel, being the de facto language of diplomacy, communications, business and entertainment.


Having a good knowledge of English can open up so many opportunities both in your career and in your leisure time, allowing you to communicate with most people and travel more easily.

The best news for all EFL students out there is that English is easy to learn! You can communicate your meaning with just a basic knowledge and a few words – and, with regular practice and patience, you will improve rapidly.

Travel the world monument concept

So English is good for international travel but why learn English if you are in a country where English is not the main language?

There are many reasons why learning English is a great idea, wherever you are…

With knowledge of the English language you can:

  • Access knowledge

The modern media, such as television, radio, the internet or the press all have a wealth of information on many subjects and most of this information is in the English language.

If you learn English, you will be able to access information about whatever subjects you are interested in, whether that is film, science, music, history or something more obscure – every topic is waiting to be explored in the English language.

  • Improve your career prospects

English can help you move forward in your career through your communication and language skills. Most businesses hold conferences in English and many international political events take place in English.

English language skills are often highly sought after in many jobs, especially for international companies. Get English language skills and get ahead!

  • Enjoy the arts

With most media using the English language, knowledge of English can open up the world of art, literature, film and music to greater appreciation.

  • Communicate with more people

English is the most widely understood language on the planet. Get a good grasp of English and make more friends and business associates.

The web is a great way to communicate with people through email, Skype and social media with the English language widely understood across the internet.

  • Understand another culture

Learning another language allows you to take a step into another culture. You will find a greater understanding of differences between vocabularies, language usages and accents of English across the world (e.g. British, Scottish, American, Australian).

You will hear the differences and feel the cultural shifts between countries. When we learn another language, we enter a new level of cultural understanding.

  • Travel easily

English is spoken in most countries to an extent. International travel is easy if you have a grasp of the English language.

Airports, train stations, buses and taxis all become more user-friendly if you can communicate a little in the international language of English.

english-communicationIf these things haven’t persuaded you and you are still asking yourself the question ‘why learn English?’ just think of the satisfaction you will feel when you find that you are able to communicate successfully in English, chat to English people, read books and watch films in English with no problem.

Remember, every small improvement is a goal achieved and every time you practise English, you are one step closer to fluency.

Happy learning!

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