New Year’s Resolutions for Language Learners – Part 2


new-resolve2As we move through January, it is easy to lose a bit of motivation for our language-related New Year’s resolutions. The buzz of freshness has dissipated a little as we get back into our normal routines. But wait! Stay strong and focus your goals. If you keep on practising and stay true to your resolutions, you will continue to improve your language skills and see big changes in 2018.

We have some more interesting ideas for effective New Year’s resolutions for EFL which can help you push into new territory this year with your language learning. Whether you want to focus on your speaking or writing skills this year, or aim to improve all your areas of knowledge, there is a resolution perfect for you. Read on as we continue with the second part in our series of New Year’s resolutions for EFL learners! Continue reading

Could Globish Replace English After Brexit?

Globish - What is Globish?

Last month, former Italian prime minister Mario Monti said that the English language should be ‘upgraded’ after Britain leaves the EU. It is clear that Monti thinks regular English is unsuitable for use on the world stage. But how should English be upgraded? Perhaps the answer is to use Globish. English has a million words but only a fraction of these are used on a day to day basis. It makes sense to concentrate on the most useful language when communicating internationally. But what exactly is Globish – and how could it replace English? Continue reading

English in International Trade: Britain’s Secret Weapon Post Brexit? 

English in International Trade The UK should be ‘forced’ to give Europe the English language after Brexit, former Italian prime minister Mario Monti has said. Monti, who is also a former EU commissioner, declared that English is ‘one of the very best products of Britain’ and that it should continue to be the main language of Europe. However, he also said that Europe should ‘upgrade’ English after the UK’s departure from the EU to increase its competitiveness on the world stage. The importance of English in international trade is obvious – so could this be Britain’s secret weapon post-Brexit? Continue reading

Cambridge Assessment Launches New English Language Test: Linguaskill

taking an online test - Cambridge Linguaskill language testCambridge Assessment English (previously known as Cambridge English Language Assessment) has launched a new simplified test called Linguaskill. This is a multilevel online test, which can provide personalised results within 12 hours. Linguaskill can test the writing, reading and listening skills of students from beginner A1 level up to advanced C1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. Continue reading

Writing a Christmas Card in English

Writing a Christmas card in English is one of the top December activities for EFL learners. At this time of year, many people are thinking of writing to loved ones and friends to wish them a merry Christmas or a happy holiday season. But what should you write in the card? Read on for a discussion of traditional Christmas messages and images, along with advice on how to write a Christmas card in English using appropriate greetings, messages and closing words. Continue reading

Congratulations to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle! Let’s Explore Wedding Vocabulary…

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have announced their engagement! The fifth in line to the British throne became engaged to the American actress earlier this month. The news was revealed to the media last week and has been warmly received by everyone. The union of Harry and Meghan brings Britain and America together – although they remain two nations divided by a common language! Join us for an exploration of wedding vocabulary and words related to engagements as we await the next royal wedding. Continue reading

Happy Thanksgiving! Now Get Ready for Black Friday!

Thanksgiving is a public holiday celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November in the United States of America. This special day originated as a harvest festival to celebrate the crops produced in the Pilgrims’ first harvest. Throughout the USA people will be attending parades and sporting events and enjoying a special meal with friends and family. Although Thanksgiving is not a holiday in Britain, many people still celebrate the harvest festival at this time of year. Join us to explore Thanksgiving and learn more about its cultural significance and related vocabulary. Continue reading

Are We Losing the Adverbs of British Understatement? Quite Possibly…

Cosmo Duff Gordon - Titanic - British understatementAn English academic has claimed that English adverbs are falling out of common usage. The classic understatement of English speakers means our language has always been peppered with phrases such as ‘rather difficult’, ‘quite likely’, ‘awfully expensive’ and ‘terribly sad’. These trademark English expressions are under threat as we are doing away with gradable adverbs. Not only this, many traditional English words are being eroded by an influx of Americanisms. So does this mean the end for gradable adverbs and classic British understatement? Continue reading

How to Choose the Best Model Essays for Sale?

Many people might question why anyone would ever approach online custom writing company for help. But there are many reasons, including English language challenges, a busy college schedule and confusion over academic requirements. Universities can also have formatting and stylistic demands that many international students are not familiar with, which is why they consider searching for online help and model essays to give them guidance. Many students find it hard to understand the requirements of an essay or academic paper. The demands of the academic timetable can also make it harder, especially if they are non-native speakers. Continue reading

How Do You Pronounce Hurricane Ophelia?

Hurricane Ophelia - pronunciationHurricane Ophelia arrived in the British Isles on October 16th, leaving many homes in Ireland and Wales without power and schools temporarily closed. There were violently strong winds across parts of Scotland, Wales and England as the remnants of Hurricane Ophelia hit British shores from the Azores in the Atlantic Ocean. With so much discussion in the news about the hurricane, English language learners might have been intrigued or confused about the ‘ph’ pronunciation in the word Ophelia. Read on to find out the correct pronunciation of Hurricane Ophelia, how hurricanes get their names and how the ‘ph’ sound and letter combination works in English. Continue reading