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Resources for English Language Teachers (TEFL, TESOL)

Teaching English is an interesting and rewarding vocation. However, teachers of English as a second language need to be fully aware of all the finer grammar and language usage points in the English language. 

Perhaps the biggest task for the English teacher is to devise a suitable, stimulating lesson plan in order to communicate these language points to the class.

Explore our teacher resources for advice on all these aspects and we will help you prepare everything you need for your EFL lessons.

If you want to teach English online, you could use a company such as Preply to put you in touch with potential students. This way you can tutor English from your own home.


Language Guide and History of English

English and ESL teachers will find our language guide useful as a reminder of the intricate facets of the English language and its grammar rules.

Our history of English section is also a good resource for teachers wanting to learn more about the history of the English language.

Our blog has many fun and useful articles on all aspects of language, including plenty of lesson ideas and vocabulary lists for seasonal events. 


More resources for TEFL

Other important resources include an analysis of student motivation, ideas about how to use multimedia in EFL classes, and advice on teaching vocabulary.

We have also prepared material to help you construct an effective needs analysis, which is a vital step for teaching new students, along with tips for teaching business English and an in depth look at the PPP method (presentation, practice and production) of teaching EFL.


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