House and Garden

House and garden vocabularyHouse and garden vocabulary is one essential area of language learning. Everyone lives in some kind of home, whether it is a house, flat, apartment or other type of building or living quarters. So we need vocabulary to describe it!

In order to describe our home we need certain words to explain the layout of our house, flat, apartment or building, the rooms inside, the furniture they contain and any structural elements we want to comment on.


House and Garden Vocabulary

There are many useful words related to house and home, such as upstairs and downstairs, various rooms of the house and furniture, along with structural elements, from walls and drainpipes to staircases.

Outside is equally rich in vocabulary with garden vocabulary including plants, patios, greenhouses, sheds and allotments.

Read on to explore more house and garden vocabulary.

Rooms in the house

Bedroom, Guest bedroom, Master bedroom, Spare bedroom

Kitchen, Kitchen/diner

Dining room (separate room intended for eating in, containing a dining table)

Living room, sitting room, lounge


Hall, Hallway (space immediately on entering the front door, often long and narrow)

Landing (upstairs hallway, area at the top of the stairs or between two flights of stairs)

Landing - House Vocabulary

On the landing

Bathroom, En suite bathroom (an ‘en suite bathroom’ is a bathroom leading directly off a bedroom)

Shower room

Toilet, WC, Lavatory

Utility room (room for ‘white goods’ – kitchen appliances – and sometimes performing dirty jobs, such as cleaning shoes)

Pantry (used to store food items)

Loft, attic (the highest room in the house, found in the roof space)

Cellar (an underground room, often used for storage)

Conservatory (extension to a house with glass roof and walls)

Conservatory - House Vocabulary

A large conservatory with dining table

Structural features of a house


Front door (usually the door to the street)

Back door (usually the door to the back of the house going out into the yard or garden)

Porch (covered area at the entrance to a house)

Chimney (a vertical channel that takes smoke from the fire up to the roof and out of the building)

Ceiling (the roof of an internal room)




Roof (outside, the top of the building)



Guttering, drainpipe (a narrow trough is used around the upper part of house to collect rain water from the roof and take it down to the drain)

Inside features of a house



Stairs, staircase

Bannister (hand rail by the staircase)


Double glazing (two or three window panes added to the single pane to retain heat and protect against noise)

Letterbox (usually a hole in the door covered by a metal flap, used for deliveries of letters – ‘post’ in British English or ‘mail’ in American English)

Fireplace (place where the fire is situation, usually at the base of the chimney)

Companion set (items for cleaning a fireplace – poker, trowel and brush)

Mantelpiece / Fireplace mantel (decorative structure above a fireplace including a shelf, often used to place cards, ornaments and pictures. The mantel was traditionally used to protect the room from smoke from the fire)

Mantel Piece - House Vocabulary

Fireplace with mantel piece and companion set

Skirting board (a moulding fixed to the wall at the meeting point between wall and floor. This rails runs around the perimeter of the room, traditionally used to cover joining and protect the wall/wallpaper from kicks and furniture)

Dado rail (a moulding fixed to the wall around 24 inches up. This rails runs around the perimeter of the room and is also called a ‘chair rail’, traditionally used to protect the wall/wallpaper from furniture scraping against it)

Picture rail (a moulding fixed to the wall near the ceiling, going around the perimeter of the room, traditionally used to hang pictures from)

Dado rail - house vocabulary

You can see the dado rail along the middle of the wall and the white skirting board at the join with the floor on this landing

General Furniture



Carpet, Rug

Curtains, Blinds

Light, Ceiling light

Table lamp, Floor lamp

Shelves, Bookshelf


Living room furniture

Sofa, settee

Armchair, Easy chair

Mantel piece, Fire guard

Coffee table

Television stand

Side board – furniture usually positioned against a wall, used for storing items

Living room - house vocabulary

Living room with brown leather sofa, round coffee table and wooden side board

Bedroom Furniture


Chest of drawers


Bedside table

Bedside lamp

Study Furniture


Desk lamp


Computer, mouse, laptop

Notice board


Desk chair

Kitchen furniture and utensils

Kitchen table

Working surface

Dining table

Cutlery (fork, knife, spoon, other eating utensils)

Knife / knives


Spoon (table spoon, tea spoon, dessert spoon, serving spoon, wooden spoon)

Cheese grater

Whisk (manual/hand whisk or an electric whisk)

egg whisk - kitchen vocabulary

Whisking egg yolks using a hand whisk

Rolling pin (wooden cylindrical item used for rolling out pastry)

Crockery (items made from porcelain, such as plates and cups)


Glass, cup, tea cup, coffee cup, mug

Egg cup

Bowl, mixing bowl, serving bowl, soup bowl, cereal bowl

Pots and pans

Sauce pan


Gravy boat

Serving tray 

Kitchen utensils vocabulary

Kitchen utensils, including grater, whisk, pastry cutters and wooden spoons

Kitchen appliances




Extractor fan (fan within a hood above the hob, used to remove steam, smells and smoke from cooking)

Food mixer


Juicer (used to squeeze the juice out of fruit and vegetables to make smoothies)

Juicer - kitchen vocabulary

A juicer – here it has been used to make a carrot smoothie and a mystery green smoothie!

Slow cooker


Deep fat fryer

Kettle (for boiling water)

Coffee machine

Fridge, Refrigerator


Fridge Freezer (both appliances combined into one unit)

Kitchen - house and garden vocabulary

Kitchen containing table, cupboards, working surfaces, utensils, hob with extractor fan, oven and fridge freezer

Utility Room Appliances

Washing machine (for washing clothes)

Tumble dryer (for drying clothes)

Dishwasher (for washing and drying pots, pans and cutlery)

Running a home

Central heating (controllable heating for the whole home using radiators)

Utility bill  (a ‘bill’ is a request for payment – gas, electricity and water are ‘utilities’)

Gas bill

Electricity bill

Telephone bill

Water bill

Reading the electricity meter (checking how much electricity your home has used)


to do the housework

to make the beds

to cook the dinner

to lay the table (to put the cutlery and other items on the table in position ready for the meal)

to vacuum the carpets (sometimes called ‘to hoover’ or ‘hoovering’, which is to use the brand name Hoover – a famous brand of vacuum cleaner – as a verb)

to clean the windows

to dust, to mop, to wipe, to polish, to brush

to wash up (the pots)

the washing up (items that need to be washed)

to dry (the pots)

to do the ironing, to iron the clothes (usually using an ironing board)

Ironing - housework vocabulary

Ironing a pair of grey trousers

The garden

Garden, Back garden, Front garden



Rockery (heaped arrangement of rough stones with plants, often found in a front garden)

Drive (wide path leading up to the home, often used to park a car)

Dustbin (or trashcan – American) – where you put the rubbish


Flower bed, Flowerpot, Flowers

Hanging basket (for hanging flowers)

Hanging basket - garden vocabulary

A lovely hanging basket

Clothes line (used to hang clothes out to dry)


Shrubs (low-growing plants, usually thick and bushy)

Weeds (undesirable, troublesome plants)


Garage (place to put the car)

Garden furniture





Gravel (small stones, often used to cover the drive)

Hedge (fence/boundary made from shrubs)

Lawn (short grass used to cover the garden)


Vegetable patch

Allotment (a plot of land, usually rented, used to grow vegetables or flowers)

Allotment - garden vocabulary

An allotment used for growing flower and vegatables

to mow the lawn

to cut the hedge

to plant the flowers

to plant the bulbs (flowers grow from the bulbs)

to sew the seeds

Garden tools

Lawn mower (used for cutting the lawn – can be motorised or a manual hand mower)

Spade (a manual digging tool, rectangular front with a long handle)

Fork (a manual digging and raking tool, like a huge version of a kitchen fork)

Rake (raking tool for spreading soil evenly, like a long-handled brush with spikes instead of the brush fibres)

Hoe (tool for clearing soil, removing weeds and digging shallow trenches)

Using a hoe - gardening vocabulary

Using a hoe

Shovel (for digging, similar to a spade but with a rounded front)

Hose or hosepipe (a long rubber pipe for directing water from the tap)

Watering can (vessel to fill with water for watering the plants and flowers)

Wheelbarrow (small cart with a wheel at the front and two handles, used for transporting items around the garden or building site)

Using a wheelbarrow

Trowel (for digging small holes to plant flowers and bulbs)

Shears (large cutting tool for hedges)

Secateurs (small cutting tools for plants)

Shears - gardening tools vocabulary

Using shears to trim the hedge

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