Top Ten Reasons to Become an EFL Teacher – Part 1

Reasons to Become an EFL Teacher - FreedomIf you are thinking about become an EFL teacher or taking a TEFL course, now is a great time! The new school year is here and all over the world schools are going to be looking for new teaching talent to let loose in the classrooms.

It may sound like a fun idea but being an English language teacher isn’t all about teaching students funny phrasal verbs, playing word games and eating the cakes that the teacher’s pet brings in  – some of it is actual hard graft. Well sort of. Anyway let’s think about the top ten reasons why you should become an EFL teacher and we can think about the graft later… Continue reading

Teaching with Limited Resources? Make your own Visual Aids

Stickmen drawingsTeaching English as foreign language can be a tough task. Teachers don’t always have the necessary tools at their disposal, especially if teaching abroad in countries with fewer resources and at schools with limited materials. Thankfully, there are various methods to improve the experience of TEFL for both teachers and students, even when teaching English with limited resources.

By thinking outside the box and getting creative, you can make the lessons great fun as well as highly effective for learning, even in classrooms with limited resources. Read on for some ideas on making your own visual aids when teaching English with limited resources. Continue reading