New Year’s Resolutions for Language Learning

New Year’s resolutions are at the forefront of everyone’s minds at the start of January. Learning a language is a popular New Year’s resolution but those of us already learning can also benefit from a January boost. Setting some realistic New Year’s resolutions for language learning can give you a sense of renewed vigour and can help you redefine your long-term and short-term goals.

When learning a new language it’s easy to lose motivation, so New Year is a perfect time to remind yourself why you started learning English in the first place and rekindle your passion for the language. This time of year is also relevant for any English speaker learning another language. Read on for the first part in our series of blog posts about New Year’s resolutions for language learning. Continue reading

The FA Cup Final Inspires a Football-Themed EFL Lesson

FA Cup Final TrophyThe FA Cup Final takes place today! Arsenal and Chelsea will battle it out to see who will lift the coveted trophy. Now is the perfect time to teach football vocabulary and use the theme of football to practice the English language.

There are so many football phrases that students can learn to help them enjoy watching the game on English TV. Teachers can use the matches to create fun FA Cup EFL lesson plans for speaking, listening, reading and writing exercises.

There are many collocations distinct to football, so the FA Cup Final is a great opportunity to get students enjoying an exciting footy-themed EFL lesson. Continue reading

EFL Students Ready to Rock! Use Music to Boost Listening Skills

Music for EFL listening practiceLearning English as a foreign language is often about completing grammar exercises, learning vocabulary, writing letters, answering comprehension questions and other such ‘serious’ tasks. But what about the fun stuff? There are so many ways to incorporate English learning into your daily life without even opening a textbook and using music for EFL listening practice is one of them.

Lyrics in songs can helps you learn new words and expressions, while the melody can help those words stick in your memory. We have a few suggestions for musical EFL lessons and we’ve even found you an original new songwriting talent! So keep your ears open and read on…   Continue reading