Writing a Christmas Card in English

Writing a Christmas card in English is one of the top December activities for EFL learners. At this time of year, many people are thinking of writing to loved ones and friends to wish them a merry Christmas or a happy holiday season. But what should you write in the card? Read on for a discussion of traditional Christmas messages and images, along with advice on how to write a Christmas card in English using appropriate greetings, messages and closing words. Continue reading

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

We would like to wish all My English Language visitors a very happy Christmas and best wishes for the holiday season!

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We are particularly pleased with our new pages on telling the time in English and how to use numbers in English. Our recent house and garden page is also now available containing lots of vocabulary related to the home.

Seasonal Content

Most seasonal, of course, is our new page on writing Christmas cards in English! This should be of help for any students looking to send festive greetings to English-speaking friends this year.

Our blog this year has lots of fun new seasonal posts in addition to news pieces and we hope you have found these articles helpful and entertaining.

Right now, you can explore all the Christmas vocabulary on our dedicated Christmas EFL lesson page and learn how to write a Christmas card in English!


Christmas Wishes

Now is a great time to send a festive message to our international friends in their own language. Let’s spread the Christmas cheer to all language lovers around the world!

Merry Christmas – Feliz Navidad – Frohe Weihnachten – Joyeux Noël – Buon Natale – Vrolijk Kerstfeest – Miilaad Majiid – Wesolych Swiat – God Jul – Krismas ki subhkamna – meri kurisumasu – Noeliniz kultu olsun – hyvää joulua – Sheng dan kuai le 圣诞快乐 – geseënde Kersfees – с Рождеством Христовым

Merry Christmas Holly

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