Top Ten Reasons to Become an EFL Teacher – Part 1

Reasons to Become an EFL Teacher - FreedomIf you are thinking about become an EFL teacher or taking a TEFL course, now is a great time! The new school year is here and all over the world schools are going to be looking for new teaching talent to let loose in the classrooms.

It may sound like a fun idea but being an English language teacher isn’t all about teaching students funny phrasal verbs, playing word games and eating the cakes that the teacher’s pet brings in  – some of it is actual hard graft. Well sort of. Anyway let’s think about the top ten reasons why you should become an EFL teacher and we can think about the graft later…


1. Travel

That’s right you can finally live the dream! Lots of people take TEFL qualifications in the hope that it will get them across the water (or land) and into a new country to experience a whole new culture. And it does!

English teachers are needed all over the world as English is the global language. You can use your TEFL qualification to travel and teach your way across Europe, Asia, South America – wherever you can find a language school or private students. Set sail on the ship (or dinghy) of TEFL!
why teach EFL - travel2. Job satisfaction

Most teachers really like their jobs. A lot of people might find it hard to imagine actually enjoying going to work but it is true, this is one of those jobs that can be fulfilling, rewarding, fun and bring a smile to your face.

Teachers get the satisfaction of knowing they have made a difference to the students’ lives, that they have helped them understand a new phrase, made them feel more confident with the language and improved their education. Heart-swelling, misty eyed, contented-smiling stuff.


3. Learning

As a teacher you may think your job isn’t to learn, that’s what the students are there for right? But EFL teachers continue to learn on the job, not only about the English language (You’ll soon become a grammarian) but also about the act of teaching, lesson planning and how best to connect with different students.

Your interpersonal skills will improve, as will your presentations skills and public speaking ability. You’ll also learn a lot about yourself – which is a good thing, however scary it might sound!


4. Variety

Every day is different in the TEFL world. No more hours spent tied to your desk or a computer, you will be busy with different tasks every day of your teaching life. One day teaching business English or a complex grammar class to adults, the next playing clapping games with kiddies. Or whatever style of teaching you choose – after all, you are the teacher.

Your school may ask you to teach different age groups or you could specialise. Many EFL teachers teach privately too, which give you even greater variety. Remember that variety adds spice to life – like hot paprika on a roast potato.

5. Creativity

Teaching allows you to let loose your free-wheeling brain and really come up with some crazy ideas. The aim is to teach the EFL students a certain concept, phrase, grammar point etc. and you can teach it in any way you choose. So get a bit wild and think up a new idea or rehash an old idea in a new form. It’s especially important to help students learn vocaulary in a new, inspiring way.

You can invent new word games, use board games or comics, bring in role play computer games, play bingo, anything that can make use of the English language and help your students learn and use it.


So there we have it – the first 5  great reasons to become an EFL teacher. Don’t worry we can count, we have the other 5 up our sleeve waiting to be revealed in our next blog post! We can tell you’re waiting on tenterhooks! (Now there’s a great phrase for your next lesson!)

Are you think about taking a TEFL course?

If you are already working, why did you decide to become an EFL teacher?

What benefits of TEFL would you add to our list?

Share your thoughts in the comments!

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