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My English Language is an English language resource website and blog that gives you access to a wealth of information about the English language. Whether you are studying English as an EFL, ESL or ESOL student, teaching English to non-native speakers with TEFL or TESOL, or simply wanting to improve your grasp of the English language for your own enjoyment, our extensive resources can help you improve your English language learning or teaching skills.

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English Language Resources for Students

You will find lots of useful links and resources relating to studying English as an EFL, ESL or ESOL student and plenty of advice about using English in different situations, including when you are out and about using English socially or using the language in an academic or business situation.

Whether you want to brush up on your skills with our free English grammar lessons or read about the history of English, the My English Language free online resource collection will make your journey into learning more about the English language even more interesting and rewarding. You could also solve academic intricacies with essay writing help from experts at paperwritinghelp.net.


English Language Resources for Teachers

My English Language also has lots of resources for English language teachers. These are useful whether you are studying for your TEFL, TESOL or TESL qualification, or are already working as a teacher or tutor of English to non-native speakers. We have lesson plans, teaching tips and an extensive English language guide to help you prepare for any kind of EFL lesson, from large classes to small groups or single students.

Take a good look around our website – we hope you find our EFL resources interesting and helpful. We are always adding new material throughout the site so please pop back regularly to check out our new information articles and the posts in our interactive EFL blog, all designed to help you with your English language studies or EFL tuition. You can also join us in the social media world by following us on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus.

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Cosmo Duff Gordon - Titanic - British understatementAn English academic has claimed that English adverbs are falling out of common usage. The classic understatement of English speakers means our language has always been peppered with phrases such as ‘rather difficult’, ‘quite likely’, ‘awfully expensive’ and ‘terribly sad’. These trademark English expressions are under threat as we are doing away with gradable adverbs. Not only this, many traditional English words are being eroded by an influx of Americanisms. So does this mean the end for gradable adverbs and classic British understatement? Continue reading

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