Congratulations to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle! Let’s Explore Wedding Vocabulary…

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have announced their engagement! The fifth in line to the British throne became engaged to the American actress earlier this month. The news was revealed to the media last week and has been warmly received by everyone. The union of Harry and Meghan brings Britain and America together – although they remain two nations divided by a common language! Join us for an exploration of wedding vocabulary and words related to engagements as we await the next royal wedding. Continue reading

Easter Vocabulary: From Bunnies to Hot Cross Buns

Easter Bunny - Easter Vocabulary

Easter is a special time across the world where people commemorate the crucifixion and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. This spring time festival has many traditions associated with it in the UK, from the sharing of chocolate Easter Eggs to attending Church services, taking part in street parades and eating hot cross buns. Find out more about Easter and explore some of our Easter vocabulary with our Easter EFL lesson ideas for beginners. Continue reading

The FA Cup Final Inspires a Football-Themed EFL Lesson

FA Cup Final TrophyThe FA Cup Final takes place today! Arsenal and Chelsea will battle it out to see who will lift the coveted trophy. Now is the perfect time to teach football vocabulary and use the theme of football to practice the English language.

There are so many football phrases that students can learn to help them enjoy watching the game on English TV. Teachers can use the matches to create fun FA Cup EFL lesson plans for speaking, listening, reading and writing exercises.

There are many collocations distinct to football, so the FA Cup Final is a great opportunity to get students enjoying an exciting footy-themed EFL lesson. Continue reading