Can the Gamification of Language Learning Boost Student Motivation?

gamification of language learningThe gamification of language learning is an important topic in the EFL teaching world. There is an increasing number of apps and learning technology that use games as a way of motivating and engaging with students.

Gamification of learning in general has brought education and games together to create a fun hybrid – but is this a successful strategy for long term educational development?

Read on to explore the concept of gamification in education, its potential benefits, the concerns of critics and how the gamification of language learning could help to boost student motivation and engagement. Continue reading

Bingo Your Way to a Fun and Innovative Vocabulary Lesson

Use bingo to teach EnglishUsing bingo to teach English might sound like a strange idea. However, using games in EFL lessons is a great way to make classes more fun and keep students entertained. Games are useful for introducing vocabulary in context, in an innovative way. There are many ways to use bingo to teach English.

Bingo is one game everyone has heard of and a fun game that can be used to teach new vocabulary, numbers and grammar points, depending on how you create your bingo cards.

It is easy to use bingo to teach English. All you need is paper and a pen – so grab your bingo dabbers and let’s prepare an innovative bingo game for EFL learners! Continue reading