Top Ten Reasons to Become an EFL Teacher – Part 2

Freedom as an EFL TeacherWith so many reasons why being an EFL teacher is one of the best jobs in the world, we were concerned that after reading our last blog update hundreds of people would quit their jobs in order to start a TEFL course immediately! Well, we just wanted to to reassure you that lots of courses can be done at weekends and even online!

Even so, that will not stop many language lovers wanting to run off straight away into the glorious world of EFL teaching. We thought we’d add a few more sticks to the fire by continuing with our top 10 reasons to become an EFL teacher. So here are 5 more tasty reasons to embark on a TEFL adventure: Continue reading

Top Ten Reasons to Become an EFL Teacher – Part 1

Reasons to Become an EFL Teacher - FreedomIf you are thinking about become an EFL teacher or taking a TEFL course, now is a great time! The new school year is here and all over the world schools are going to be looking for new teaching talent to let loose in the classrooms.

It may sound like a fun idea but being an English language teacher isn’t all about teaching students funny phrasal verbs, playing word games and eating the cakes that the teacher’s pet brings in  – some of it is actual hard graft. Well sort of. Anyway let’s think about the top ten reasons why you should become an EFL teacher and we can think about the graft later… Continue reading