St David’s Day EFL Lesson – Exploring Welsh Culture

Happy St David's Day - Red Dragon FlagSt David’s Day falls on 1st March each year. Saint David is the patron saint of Wales and the Feast of St David commemorates the day he died in 589 AD. This special day has been celebrated since the 12th century and although it is not a national holiday in the UK, it is regularly marked with celebrations.

On Saint David’s Day it is traditional to eat Welsh foods and celebrate Welsh culture. This is an ideal time to explore all things Welsh in the EFL classroom, introduce students to Welsh culture and learn some new vocabulary. Join us in exploring the Welsh flag, national symbols, language, accent, foods and traditions for a fun St David’s Day EFL lesson! Continue reading

Happy St Andrew’s Day! Exploring Scottish Traditions

Happy-Saint-Andrews-Day2Happy St Andrew’s Day everyone! Saint Andrews Days falls on 30th November each year. This special day is marked in Scotland by many traditional events celebrating all things Scottish, such as dancing, playing the bagpipes and eating traditional Scottish foods, such as haggis.

St Andrews Day is a voluntary public holiday in Scotland. It is always fun to mark national events in the EFL classroom, so we are using St Andrews Day as a spring board to look at the Scotland’s flag, its national emblem, the Scottish accent and various legends and traditions associated with Scotland. Continue reading

St Patrick’s Day EFL Lesson: Visiting the Emerald Isle!

st patricks day - Irish leprechaun

Happy St Patrick’s Day! This special day is celebrated every year on 17th March and it is a great time to present some new vocabulary relating to Ireland and Irish folklore. Our St Patrick’s Day lesson includes interesting words and phrases relating to Ireland along with lots of interesting facts about this Irish holiday. We have even prepared a tasty recipe for making your own traditional ‘boxty’ – Irish potato pancakes! Read on to discover more about St Patrick’s Day. Continue reading