Can the Gamification of Language Learning Boost Student Motivation?

gamification of language learningThe gamification of language learning is an important topic in the EFL teaching world. There is an increasing number of apps and learning technology that use games as a way of motivating and engaging with students.

Gamification of learning in general has brought education and games together to create a fun hybrid – but is this a successful strategy for long term educational development?

Read on to explore the concept of gamification in education, its potential benefits, the concerns of critics and how the gamification of language learning could help to boost student motivation and engagement. Continue reading

What Motivates You to Learn English?

motivation for language learning

Are you intrinsically motivated or extrinsically motivated when it comes to language learning? Everyone studying English has their own reason for learning the language. Maybe it is for work, to pass an exam, to communicate more easily when travelling: there are many possible motivations for language learning. If you identify your type of motivation, you can learn how to enhance your progress.

Some motivations will help you reach your goal standard more quickly than others and some could keep you at a level of fluency forever. Other reasons for motivation will have you forgetting what you learnt a few months previously. So let’s pinpoint the types of motivation for learning a language and use this knowledge to improve your language skills. Continue reading

How to Keep Motivated When Studying English

Motivation for EFL LearningHow to keep motivated when studying English is one of the most important questions faced by all EFL students. Without motivation it is almost impossible to work towards any goal. There is nothing more frustrating than realising a month from now that you still haven’t made any progress! Imagine being in a shop and trying to communicate with the cashier, or needing to understand an official letter – and you still can’t. It’s making me angry just thinking about it. It’s time for action! Continue reading