The London Jazz Festival comes to the EFL Classroom

London Jazz FestivalThe London Jazz Festival 2017 kicked off on Friday 10th November! People have been flocking to the capital to hear the melodious blast of trumpets, the rhythmic scratchings of snare drums and the ponderous strummings of the stately bass. So what better time to think about using music in the EFL classroom?

Music speaks to everyone, crossing cultural divides and vaulting language barriers with ease. Music is the perfect extra teacher in the classroom, especially this week with the London Jazz Festival in full swing. Read on to find out more about this world famous music festival and how it can bring a boost to the EFL classroom. Continue reading

Boris Johnson Wants Immigrants to Learn English by Telephone

Boris JohnsonIs it possible to learn English by telephone? This was an idea put forward by the London mayor’s English Language For All initiative this month in an effort to help immigrants learn English.

Boris Johnson’s report revealed that many immigrants living in London are being denied the opportunity to gain higher paid employment due to their lack of English language skills. Learning English by telephone was proposed as a solution to the problem, alongside learning English using the internet – the latter of course being a great idea! Continue reading