Portugal Song is First Non-English Eurovision Winner for a Decade

Portugal's Salvador Sabral wins Eurovision 2017

Salvador Sabral’s victory for Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest this year is the first time that a non-English Eurovision song has won the coveted crown since 2007. Salvador performed Amar Pelos Dois (Love For Both) at the Grand Final in Kiev to an enraptured crowd. One of the most interesting elements of the singer’s performance was that the bossa nova was entirely in Portuguese, written and composed by his sister. Continue reading

Italians Resist an English Language Invasion


The Times has reported that the English language is currently a worry to Italian linguists. It seems that the Italian language guardians at Accadmia della Crusca are concerned that an influx of English words is corrupting the beauty of the Italian language.

The academy is looking for ways to put a stop to the Anglo-Saxon influence and will hold an emergency meeting about the matter today. We explore the recent news story and examine how the English language has influenced Italian – and in turn, how the Italian language has influenced English. Continue reading