Is Office Jargon Annoying? It’s a No Brainer!

Office jargon is one of the most hated aspects of going to work, a new study has revealed. Business talk or office jargon are those irritating phrases that are used in a business context and regularly crop up during those tedious business meetings. Many people dislike corporate jargon but it continues to be used in many offices. From taking thought showers to touching base and leveraging synergies – let’s employ some blue-sky thinking going forward as we unpack common office jargon… Continue reading

English Idioms: A Great Way to Sound Like a Native Speaker

English idioms - once in a blue moonIdioms are some of the most interesting features of any language – and some of the hardest to understand as a foreigner. English has many idioms in common usage and learning a few of these is a fun way to sound like a native speaker.

Idioms have a figurative meaning, rather than a literal meaning and because these words mean something completely different when used in an idiomatic phrase, non-native speakers can find them very confusing! Read on to explore how you can use idioms to sound like a native speaker. Continue reading

Getting Fruity! Fruit and Veg Idioms for TEFL

Fruit and Veg IdiomsFruit and veg idioms are more prevalent in the English language than you might think. If you know your onions, you might even be able to think of a few veggie idioms right now! Food in general is a useful theme in English when you are looking to find that perfect expression to describe a situation in an idiomatic way, in a manner with a bit of flavour.

Read on to explore the world of English fruit and veg idioms – adding in a few fruity phrases to your conversations is as easy as pie and it could even be the icing on the cake of your English language learning!
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