Wimbledon EFL Lesson – Game Set and Match!

Wimbledon is here! This is one of the world’s biggest tennis tournaments and the most prestigious of the Majors, so we could not let this opportunity pass without exploring some tennis vocabulary. These few weeks of Grand Slam tennis offer a great chance to prepare a sporty EFL lesson with a traditional UK flavour. The event runs from 25th June until 16th July 2017, so grab your racket and let’s explore the traditions of Wimbledon and learn some useful tennis vocabulary! Continue reading

Cinco de Mayo – Join the Fiesta!

cinco-de-mayo-dressCinco de Mayo (fifth of May) is a celebration day in the US and Mexico when people celebrate Mexican culture, heritage, food and music with street festivals and parades. The day commemorates the Mexican army’s 1862 victory over France at the Battle of Puebla during the Franco-Mexican War. This is an ideal time to think about using this seasonal event in a vocabulary and culture lesson. So come and spread some guacamole on your tacos while you enjoy our Cinco de Mayo EFL lesson, complete with gap-fill exercise. Olé! Continue reading

Pancake Day EFL Lesson Ideas

Pancake Day - pancakes with strawberries

Pancake Day is just around the corner, which means everyone in the UK will be preparing to make delicious crispy pancakes! The proper name for Pancake Day is of course Shrove Tuesday, the day when people traditionally used up all their luxury foods – milk, sugar and eggs – to make pancakes before they began fasting for Lent.

Shrove Tuesday falls on Tuesday 13th February this year. Read on to find out all about this mini celebration day and its religious origins. We’ve included an easy pancake recipe, plus we have some great ideas for Pancake Day EFL lessons!   Continue reading

Halloween EFL Lesson Plans: Ghostly Games and Eerie Ideas

Halloween PumpkinsIt’s that spooky time of year again! The ghosts and ghouls come out to play on 31st October and pumpkins with scary faces will adorn many a doorstep. Halloween is that one night a year when it is OK to frighten your neighbours – you might even get sweets!

Indeed, Halloween is upon us and this is one of those celebrations that has its own vocabulary. This is the therefore the perfect time to think about Halloween EFL lesson plans and inject some fun Halloween vocabulary games into your EFL class. Continue reading