Happy Chinese New Year of the Sheep

The Chinese Year of the Sheep

2015 is the Chinese Year of the Sheep. This gentle, peaceful and loving creature will traditionally bring a steady academic progress and a solid understanding of new ideas, which is all good news for EFL students.

People born in the Chinese Year of the Sheep are naturally intelligent, imaginative, quiet and studious. Though gentle on the surface, Sheep people have a great inner resilience and determination to succeed.

The influence of the Sheep means that 2015 is set to be a year of steady and determined progress, creating a solid foundation for the future.

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Welcome the Academic Snake!

Chinese New Year2013 is the Chinese Year of the Snake. This smooth and wily creature will traditionally bring leaps and bounds in academic pursuits – great news for EFL students. People born in the Chinese Year of the Snake are naturally intelligent, cautious and witty.

Their propensity to seek out and understand information means Snake people are well suited to careers in education, research and academia. The influence of the Snake means that 2013 is set to be a year full of steady progress and educational achievement for everyone in the world of EFL!


For EFL teachers, check out our lesson plan for EFL comprehension exercises using the Chinese New Year as a theme.

These kind of seasonal activities are great for EFL lessons as they keep the content relevant and help students learn about a different culture, making the text interesting not only for English language practice but also as an article about Chinese tradition.


The Year of the Snake means that 2013 should be especially prosperous and successful for EFL students and teachers! Ssssssssuper!

Year of the Snake

chinese new year

EFL Lesson Ideas for Chinese New Year

Happy Chinese New Year! The Year of the Dog begins on Friday 16th February. This loyal, friendly and honest creature should imbue your EFL teaching and learning with extra diligence this year, as Chinese tradition dictates there will be a hard-working and responsible flavour to 2018.

The Chinese New Year is a great time for a seasonal EFL lesson and as learning about other cultures and traditions is always interesting and a great way to learn more English, we’ve prepared a fun comprehension exercise for your next EFL lesson relating to Chinese New Year! Continue reading

Slither into the Chinese New Year of the Snake

Chinese New Year of the Snake The Chinese Year of the Snake starts tomorrow, Sunday 10th February 2013 – but what does this slithery creature have in store for EFL? The snake is an intellectual and quietly adventurous animal in the Chinese calendar, so this could be the perfect year for those looking to start their TEFL career. It is also a good time to pursue intellectual or academic ambitions, so for EFL students this could be the year for you to make great strides forward in your studies.
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