Could Globish Replace English After Brexit?

Globish - What is Globish?

Last month, former Italian prime minister Mario Monti said that the English language should be ‘upgraded’ after Britain leaves the EU. It is clear that Monti thinks regular English is unsuitable for use on the world stage. But how should English be upgraded? Perhaps the answer is to use Globish. English has a million words but only a fraction of these are used on a day to day basis. It makes sense to concentrate on the most useful language when communicating internationally. But what exactly is Globish – and how could it replace English? Continue reading

English in International Trade: Britain’s Secret Weapon Post Brexit? 

English in International Trade The UK should be ‘forced’ to give Europe the English language after Brexit, former Italian prime minister Mario Monti has said. Monti, who is also a former EU commissioner, declared that English is ‘one of the very best products of Britain’ and that it should continue to be the main language of Europe. However, he also said that Europe should ‘upgrade’ English after the UK’s departure from the EU to increase its competitiveness on the world stage. The importance of English in international trade is obvious – so could this be Britain’s secret weapon post-Brexit? Continue reading

Will Brexit Stop the Dominance of English?

English dominance - dog shields earsThe English language has spread around the world so dramatically since the Second World War that there are now more non-native English speakers than native English speakers. The number of English speakers has risen from 400 million to 1.5 billion over the past 70 years. English dominates many conversations between speakers of other languages, simply because it is the only language many people have in common. But will the dominance of English fade after Brexit? Continue reading

How Will Brexit Affect Language Learning?

Brexit jigsawIn a startling result, the UK has voted for a ‘Brexit’. This means the wheels have been set in motion for the UK to leave the European Union. Some people are thrilled, while others are worried about the future of the UK and the EU. Apart from the concern over economic stability, international trade, European travel, residency rights for expats and much more, there is also a growing concern about the role of the English language in Europe and the future of language learning in the UK.

Will the English language become less important internationally? Will British people stop learning foreign languages altogether? We explore the consequences of Brexit for English and for language learning… Continue reading