My English Language Services

The My English Language website contains free resources and information on all kinds of issues relating to the English language. In addition, we also offer specialist proofreading and editing services for all types of non-native English text.

Our services include:

Grammar Guide

In-depth descriptions of the grammar structure, vocabulary, pronunciation and writing system of English in our Language Guide.

History of English

An historical overview of the origins of the English language.

EFL Student Resources

Tips and advice for learners of English on how to improve your English language usage, whether you want to practise your speaking, listening, writing or reading skills or use English for specific purposes, such as academic or business use, writing letters or travel. You can also find many useful ideas and new vocabulary in our blog.

EFL Teacher Resources

Resources for teachers of English as a foreign language (TEFL and TESOL) including lesson plan ideas, information on the PPP teaching technique, articles on teaching particular aspects of the language such as business English, examples questions for performing a needs analysis and tips on making the act of learning more enjoyable, motivating and productive for students of English. We also have many seasonal lesson plans and interesting ideas in our blog.

EFL Blog

Our useful blog is packed with news, seasonal chat, EFL lesson ideas, language tips, new vocabulary, cultural discussions, competitions and much more. Please share your thoughts, ideas and opinions in the comments box at the end of the blog posts – we’d love to hear from you!

Vote in our Polls

Don’t forget to vote in our fun polls! You can find these at the end of many of our blog posts. Our latest polls are always displayed on the homepage and the blog page. Get involved and cast your vote!

Connect on Social Media

Join us on Twitter, Facebook and Google Plus to share news, views and chat. We’d love to get connected.

Please use the main menus to browse around the My English Language website or take a look at our site map to see a list of all of our resources.

Proofreading and Editing Service

We provide a specialist proofreading and editing service for non-native English text. This service is ideal for international students and professionals. We can tidy up your spelling and grammar so that your text clearly express your ideas in perfect English. Get in touch to discuss your editing requirements.


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