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Links to other interesting and useful websites

Student resources

  • News in Levels – News website for English language students, providing news stories in three different levels of language ability.
  • Versant English Tests – Versant offer automated speaking and writing tests for non-native English speakers. To test your English speaking skills, Versant uses special speech processing technology and results are available within minutes.
  • Listening Practice for EFL – Songs in a Bottle can improve your English language listening skills through music. Listen to original songs and read the full lyrics displayed on the site. Amateur singers can get in touch for possible collaboration. Permission must be sought for any commercial use.
  • Subtitles – Subtitles search in the largest database for all movies and tv series – findsubtitles. Eu


  • Home Tutors Directory – Home Tutors Directory is an online directory of UK Tutors and UK Tutoring Agencies. Students can search for a private tutor for free and private tutors can advertise their private tuition services for any subject.
  • First Tutors – First Tutors is a tutor matching servie that enables users across the country to find tutors in a vast range of subjects. Tutors offering free tuition can advertise for free.

Teacher resources

  • Lesson Plans – The best lesson plans and free lesson plan guides on the web
  • Teaching in China – Teaching Nomad is your connection to Teaching in China for teaching international schools. We have international school employment and teaching SEL students opportunities. Contact us today!


  • The Translation Guide – The Translation Guide offers great translation resources for students, businesses and travellers. Find translation gadgets and software, translators for hire and free online translations.
  • Polish To English Translation – Polish translation services, polish translator, polish interpreter, english polish translator, polish translators, polish translater, polish english translator,english to polish translation, polish to english translation, english to polish translator

Books and textbooks


Writing and editing

  • Writing and Editing Service for Non-native English – Need an editor to correct your English? Scribblers Online provides non-native English text editing and re-writing services, academic writing, creative writing, commercial copywriting, SEO writing, book editing and more.

Learning other languages

  • Study Spanish Cuba – Learn Spanish in Cuba in Spanish language schools with excellent Spanish immersion and Spanish lessons. Volunteer opportunities.
  • Online Japanese Lessons – Learn Japanese Lessons online whenever and wherever you want.
  • Spanish Languages – Learn the Spanish Languages in South America. Experienced teachers utilise the most innovative pedagogies and emphasise interactive learning, a proven methodology for foreign language learning
  • Learn Spanish Peru – Learn Spanish in Cusco Peru in Amauta Spanish School: Spanish classes, Spanish immersion and volunteer work.
  • Spanish Language School – Learn Spanish at the Spanish Language School in Buenos Aires Argentina. Speak Spanish and live Spanish. Also Medical Spanish, Spanish for Kids and volunteer work. Win free Spanish lessons!

Courses, colleges and schools


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