Cambridge Assessment Launches New English Language Test: Linguaskill

taking an online test - Cambridge Linguaskill language testCambridge Assessment English (previously known as Cambridge English Language Assessment) has launched a new simplified test called Linguaskill. This is a multilevel online test, which can provide personalised results within 12 hours. Linguaskill can test the writing, reading and listening skills of students from beginner A1 level up to advanced C1 level of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.


Sophisticated Computer-Marking for Fast Results

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages is the internationally recognised measure of language ability created by the Council of Europe. Linguaskill is an important new test that can place a student on this scale to determine their skill in a foreign language.

Linguaskill uses sophisticated computer-marking to ensure fast, accurate results. The test can be taken anywhere and at any time and can set up easily by the testing organisation.

The reports generated from the test results can be used by businesses and educational establishments to make decisions about training and recruitment.

Linguaskill on the International Stage

The test has been welcomed by the language learning communities in Switzerland, Poland, Russia, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Oman, UAE, Thailand and the international higher education chain Laureate.

Cambridge Assessment English claim that their new English language test Linguaskill helps educational organisations and companies to reduce the time needed to assess language ability.


Linguaskill is ideal for organisations wishing to recruit candidates of a certain language level and helps during the recruitment stage. It also enables companies to test the return investment on employee language training programs.

Global product manager at Cambridge Assessment English Mainda Kiwelu described the test as ‘a bit different’ to other language tests due it its wide range of uses and the fast results available.

Linguaskill for Training and Recruitment

The Cambridge Assessment English qualifications that are already internationally recognised, such as the First and Advanced qualifications, are known for their accuracy. They provide excellent evidence of achievement at a certain level.

Moving on from the regular tests, Linguaskill enables educational institutions to check the current language level of groups who may have different levels of proficiency and a range of qualifications.

It can be used at various times throughout the learner journey. For example, it can be used to test on admission to the course, in the middle of their development and again on graduation.

Cambridge Assessment English and Digital Technology

Cambridge Assessment English is also highly committed to developing language learning alongside new digital technologies.

In August, it announced a new partnership with language app developer, Babbel, to provide economical online testing for English language learners.


Cambridge Assessment English has recently changed its name from Cambridge English Language Assessment, so many students will still know it by its former name.

They are still focused on helping people succeed through learning, teaching and assessing English with a commitment to developing new ways to make learning English easier and more rewarding.

It will be interesting to see how Linguaskill helps students of English and organisations and institutions with their training and recruitment.

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